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Who do you ship Nancy with?

I ship both Nedcy and Francy. I honestly can’t choose. I really can see both couples working well together.

Nedcy is the classic couple, together for over 80 years. They definitely know each other’s quirks and have learned to deal with them, slightly to the other’s chagrin. Ned probably gets sick of being dragged around the country to solve yet another mystery or having to house sit for the Drews again, while Nancy probably gets a little irritated that Ned doesn’t quite understand her love of mysteries. It’s obvious Ned supports Nancy in everything she does and is happy to help her, but he’s just not as fascinated with tracking down baddies as her. He also worries about her, and I can see that bringing stress on their relationship.

Francy is a guilty pleasure of mine. Nancy and Frank would definitely understand each other, but I can imagine they would irritate each other to no end. They each have their own methods for solving mysteries, and would probably drive each other nuts with their different techniques. “No, Frank, THIS is how you pick locks!” “Nancy, this method has worked fine for me on every other case.” “Fine, have it your way, but I’d already have us in there by now.”

Nancy and Frank would support each other to no end though, and while Frank would worry about her, he knows that she can take care of herself and has always made it out just fine. With these two, the mystery would always come first, and they’d probably have cases solved in record time.

I just have a lot of feelings about both pairings, and I can see Nancy with either one of these guys. The dynamics between both pairings is just so different, so it’s somewhat hard to compare the two.

Shelley! Ok I've got a question: who do you think is the best-dressed male character and the best-dressed female character?

Alright, this is actually a really interesting question and I had to stop and think about it.

For male, I’d have to go with Kit and Mason. Their outfits are actually similar now that I think about it: blue, rolled sleeves, tie. I just really like classic, slightly preppy looks on guys.

For female, I’m thinking Jane Penvellyn, Bridget and Deirdre. I’d like Jane’s dress better if it had a Peter Pan collar and short sleeves, but I just really like the classic, slightly vintage style. The idea is there, but the execution is somewhat off. As for Bridget, I love green and I love lace, so her outfit is pretty great to me. And for Deirdre, you just know she payed a fortune for each piece. Again, the execution is somewhat off, but the idea is there. Her look is very Deirdre - slightly too fancy for a small town, cost a fortune, and is just perfect for a rich 18 year old girl.

What's your detailed opinion of MED so far?

Here’s some more randomized thoughts on MED:

• I’m really excited to see the graphics in this game! It looks like there will be lots of cutscenes, which I’m excited about. I think cutscenes just make the game seem so much more real, like we’re actually there. The scenes they showed us in the trailer look pretty intense, so I’m looking forward to actually seeing them in game.

• I’m also looking forward to seeing the little throwbacks to past games HeR throws in. Obviously, Sonny Joon is the biggie. We’ve been following this guy around since game number 6 (HOW are we on number 30 already???) and have seen him pop up in numerous other games, so I’m hoping for some throwback moments. Kayaking is very reminiscent of DDI, and the whole sneaking around a production area is very STFD. 

• Bess and George are also a throwback! They’ve popped up in all of HeR’s milestone games: 10, 20, 25, and now 30. I love having Nancy interact with her friends, it makes her seem like more of a normal teenager than a super-human detective who’s been 18 for 80 plus years.

• The other characters I don’t really have much to say about, because the descriptions are kind of vague and they weren’t really in the trailer. I’m looking forward to learning more about them, though.

Overall, I have complete faith in HeR and can’t wait to see what they throw at us in this game. I know I’ll be around for the next 30!

What are your thoughts on MED?

Since I’ve already given a general overview of my thoughts, I’ll go into more detail about the competition factor of the game.

In past games, Nancy’s only competition has been the villain of the game. She’s been able to focus all of her attention on solving the mystery. But in this game, Nancy will be trying to win a game show as well as figuring out what mysterious things are going on. I think it will be interesting to see Nancy split two ways.

I’d love to see a somewhat stressed Nancy, because Nancy is written as pretty much perfect. Even if it’s just a small line to Bess or George about how she’s stressed out with everything going on and having to be competitive and solve a mystery, that would be great. Seeing Nancy with more human traits would be a real treat.

So, I’m hoping to see a different side of Nancy in this game. I’d love to find out if she thrives off of competition, or if she prefers to do her own thing at her own pace.

What did you think of the trailer? Are you excited for MED?

The trailer definitely peaked my interest in this game! I’ve always thought being on a reality game show would be an amazing experience, and I’m super excited to get to live vicariously through Nancy. Based on the trailer, it looks like we’ll be doing some really cool things: traveling in submarines!!! dodging giant boulders!!! exploring caves and trying not to die!!! 

It also looks like this game will involve more street smarts than book smarts, which is kind of cool when you think about it. Most of the games require you to read a book on how to do something, and then you do it. I can’t imagine there will be a large quantity of books floating around the island, so we’ll really have to use our heads when solving the puzzles and asking questions and figuring out who to trust.

So yes, I am very excited to play MED! HeR has recently been stepping up their game, and my fingers are crossed that this trend continues. I’m super excited to get the scoop on Sonny, and of course to see my babies Bess and George again.

You all should send me some Nancy Drew questions so I can procrastinate. I’ve missed talking with you all!

I think I’d like the MED cover art better if the medallion didn’t have Sonny’s face over it. After all, the game is called “The Shattered Medallion,” and having him front and center takes attention away from the medallion.

Other than that, I don’t really see any problem with it. The game looks fun, but intense, and I’m definitely getting a more laid-back compared to other recent games. After the Thorntons and Kate Drew, we need a happier game! I am definitely very excited for the game, and can’t wait to play.

I just want to tell you that I’ve always…

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Wouldn’t you like to know what Kate’s last minutes were like? What her thoughts were?

I feel like making some graphics, so does anyone have any suggestions or things they would like to see?

Before the Curtain Falls

The State Theatre in River Heights has stood empty for years…until now. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the opera Roméo et Juliette will be performed there, bringing the theatre back to life. Rising star Daniela Cardoza has the lead role, and is eager to show off her abilities. However, she is somewhat nervous as she has been receiving mysterious notes and threats in the form of antique valentines and red roses. When mysterious accidents begin to happen around the theatre, threatening the production and the people in it, it’s up to local sleuth Nancy Drew to discover who’s responsible before the last note of the final cadenza…or before someone gets hurt.

snowqueenly said: me too! it’s so depressing. :( i usually check the tag at least once a day, but i think i’m going to have to stay out of it for a bit, just to be safe.

Same here! Whenever I post an outfit on detectiveworkisalwaysinstyle I go to the tag immediately after just to make sure it posted, but I think I’ll have to stop doing that.

When this happened with GTH I was so, so upset and disappointed and was hoping something like this would never happen again. I guess nothing really happening with SPY was too good to be true. 

snowqueenly said: there was a beta version of MED that was leaked, so now the nancy drew tag is a bit of a minefield.

Ooh, that sucks! I scrolled by a picture in the tag really, really quickly, so I didn’t see a good glimpse of it. I’m super sad this happened, though :(

What’s all this about MED being leaked??? Please explain, I really haven’t been on in a while.